Fresh Start

So I added a new site. Just for general stuff. And I guess I’m asking if some of you want to check it out? I’ll leave the link just in case. Have a good day everyone I Know Nothing Advertisements

The Guy With No Name

He’s back again. That guy. He lurks in the corner of my mind. Taking residence there. He thinks I don’t know he’s there, but I know. He unrolls his battered up sleeping bag, removes the dog eared pillow and lays down, tracing shapes along the walls of my subconscious. He’s no idea how this affects […]

He and I

He was the head of a sport I’d never heard of. I was a fresher that somehow caught his eye. He became a gentleman when it came to nights out. I withdrew further away from him. It switched within a day. He became a twat. I worked to bring us back. He went to her. […]

What Is The Point of Christmas?

Now that Christmas is rolling around I want someone to bury me deep in the ground I don’t see the point of the festive cheer When the person I need is no longer here Her sunny bright laugh that lights up a room Paired with the smell of her old perfume These are the memories […]

Pray For Manchester

Tonight I have lost a lot of sleep. Been sat up all night with the news watching the terror unfold. Tonight has hit home for a lot of us, including myself. Manchester is my home, this cowardly act happened on my doorstep and I could not be more shocked. We have experienced a tragedy, many […]

Let Me Explain…

Hi everyone, I’m back from my momentary lapse in blogging, but I guess I have an actual reason as to why I’ve been so quiet. Lately my life has been falling apart, everything I’ve known is slowly disappearing and I’ve not been able to cope. Between issues in my personal life and a family emergency, […]

Scars on my Heart

There’s a certain way to describe a damaged person. I have the feeling that I’d rather describe it as having “scars on your heart”. Have you ever seen someone so damaged that you don’t know what to do to help them? Have you ever felt that sometimes nothing anyone can say will ever help you […]